Author: Jeremy Henson

  • What My Son Taught Me About God

    What My Son Taught Me About God

    “Dad, is this worm dead? I heard the sound of my son’s voice speaking from behind me. He had been beside me just a moment earlier, but as we walked across the gravel parking lot, he had spotted something lying on the ground. I turned to see Michael squatted down, looking at the shriveled remains

  • Is God Prompting You?

    Is God Prompting You?

    This past week Christie and I had the opportunity to go to the movies with a couple of friends to see “Jesus Revolution”. I am amazed at the many parallels between that time period of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s to the historic movement of revival and renewal that is playing out today before

  • The Love Note

    The Love Note

    “I love you!” The simple, handwritten message was left on the dry erase board in my office. It was in the handwriting of one of my children. What a nice surprise that warmed my heart on a cool, crisp fall morning. My children frequently leave messages like this for me. Sometimes they are on my

  • The Impact Of Revival

    The Impact Of Revival

    In our last episode, I shared my upcoming trip to visit the Asbury revival. In this episode, I share the impact the revival had on my journey. It can be summed up in the following five effects: Keep On Living Unleashed!

  • How To Hear The Voice Of Jesus

    How To Hear The Voice Of Jesus

    “Hey, I’m home,” I call out as I enter the front door of our home. It has been a long day of travel to conference meetings, and I am exhausted from a lot of sitting. As the echo of my voice still hangs in the air, I hear a commotion coming from the bedrooms. In

  • Road Trip To Revival

    Road Trip To Revival

    I am headed on a road trip. Revival has broken out at Asbury University and has spilled across the street to Asbury Seminary and onto other college campuses around the country. On this episode of the podcast, I discuss the plans for this road trip and what I hope to gain from the experience. I

  • What Is The Vision For Your Life?

    What Is The Vision For Your Life?

    My mornings are best when they begin with Jesus, prayer, and coffee. (Ok, a hot shower helps a lot too). I have been drawn to the topic of prayer since I was in high school. The mystery of the Creator of the Universe being interested in talking to me is mind-boggling. An Audience With The

  • Now Do This

    Now Do This

    In our previous episode, we looked at what Jesus described as the one thing that is the most important thing of all—loving on God with all that we are. But he didn’t stop there. The second part is to love others in the same way that we love ourselves. In this episode, we explore what

  • How Do You Overcome Fear?

    How Do You Overcome Fear?

    Do you want to overcome fear and learn to live free? The Apostle Paul describes the secret he learned to living free of fear and anxiety in his letter to the Philippians and you can learn it too.

  • Do This One Thing

    Do This One Thing

    If we want to live unleashed, then it would make sense that we would look to the one who demonstrated the type of life that we want. He is also the one who offers us this life. So when someone asks him a question about living, we definitely want to pay attention to what he