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  • Discipleship–Engaging With Scripture

    Discipleship–Engaging With Scripture

    In this episode, we continue our look at discipleship by exploring how to effectively engage with scripture as we learn from Jesus how to better follow him. Keep on Living Unleashed!!

  • What Is Discipleship?

    What Is Discipleship?

    In this week’s podcast, we are looking at the question “What Is Discipleship?” This will be the first of a series of episodes that will dive into this topic to see the importance of discipleship as we walk with Jesus.

  • God Is Doing A New Thing

    God Is Doing A New Thing

    It is officially spring. The grass is getting greener, the birds are singing, and the squirrels are playing in my backyard. Spring is filled with signs of new life and God’s new work. What new thing is God doing in your life this spring season? Are you ready to embrace it?

  • Now That Is Life

    Now That Is Life

    I start every podcast describing the abundant life that Jesus offers as a life filled with hope, joy, peace, and freedom. In this podcast episode, we dive deeper into the passage from John 10:10 where Jesus says he has come to give us this abundant life to see what that looks like.

  • Is God Prompting You?

    Is God Prompting You?

    This past week Christie and I had the opportunity to go to the movies with a couple of friends to see “Jesus Revolution”. I am amazed at the many parallels between that time period of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s to the historic movement of revival and renewal that is playing out today before…

  • The Impact Of Revival

    The Impact Of Revival

    In our last episode, I shared my upcoming trip to visit the Asbury revival. In this episode, I share the impact the revival had on my journey. It can be summed up in the following five effects: Keep On Living Unleashed!

  • Road Trip To Revival

    Road Trip To Revival

    I am headed on a road trip. Revival has broken out at Asbury University and has spilled across the street to Asbury Seminary and onto other college campuses around the country. On this episode of the podcast, I discuss the plans for this road trip and what I hope to gain from the experience. I…

  • Now Do This

    Now Do This

    In our previous episode, we looked at what Jesus described as the one thing that is the most important thing of all—loving on God with all that we are. But he didn’t stop there. The second part is to love others in the same way that we love ourselves. In this episode, we explore what…

  • Do This One Thing

    Do This One Thing

    If we want to live unleashed, then it would make sense that we would look to the one who demonstrated the type of life that we want. He is also the one who offers us this life. So when someone asks him a question about living, we definitely want to pay attention to what he…